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redditCard Discussion: Elite Barbarians - Use At Your Discretion!

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The Strength and Viability of Elite Barbarians in the Current Meta

“Spawns a pair of leveled up Barbarians. They're like regular Barbarians, only harder, better, faster and stronger.”


Stats and History:


Cost Hitspeed Speed Range Targets Rarity
6 1.4sec Very Fast Melee: Medium Ground Common

Base Stats:

Level Damage Hitpoints
1 150 524
9 318 1110
10 349 1220
11 384 1341
12 421 1472
13 463 1619


  • On 15/12/16, a Balance Update increased the Elite Barbarians' hitpoints by 19%, damage by 14% and increased their hit speed to 1.4 sec (from 1.5 sec).
  • On 23/1/17, a Balance Update decreased the Elite Barbarians' hitpoints by 4.4%, damage by 4% and decreased their hit speed to 1.5 sec (from 1.4 sec).
  • On 19/4/17, a Balance Update decreased the Elite Barbarians' hitpoints by 4%, and delayed their initial attacks by 0.1 seconds.
  • On 3/6/19, a Balance Update increased the Elite Barbarians' damage by 18%, but decreased their hit speed to 1.7sec (from 1.5sec).
  • On 1/7/19, a 'Rulebook' Update increased the Elite Barbarians' range from 1 to 1.2 (now classified as Melee: Medium).
  • On 3/11/20, a Balance Update decreased the Elite Barbarians' speed from Very Fast to Fast, decreased their hit speed to 1.5 sec (from 1.7 sec), increased their hitpoints by 14%, and increased their damage by 5.5% (resulting in an approximate 20% increase in DPS). Their first attack speed was also reduced to 0.5 seconds (from 0.7 seconds)


Discussion Questions:

  • What do you like/dislike about Elite Barbarians?
    • Do you think they make a positive/negative contribution to the meta?
    • What qualities separate them from similar units in the game?
      • Card synergies? Playstyle?
    • Which cards work well with Elite Barbarians?
    • What Elite Barbarian decks have given you the most amount of success?
      • Off-Meta is encouraged!
  • Where would you rank them based on their strength and viability in the current meta?
    • From Worst to Best, label your rank as one of the following: F, D, C, B, A, S, SS
      • What is your reasoning behind this rank?
      • Do you think it would be an optimal course of action to buff/nerf this card? How would you change them?


Elite Barbarians' Impact Post-Magic Items update

Ever since the Magic Items update went live Ebarbs have become quite a hot topic within the clash royale community. With their buff and the nerfs to some of Ebarbs biggest checks (Giant Skeleton and Bomb Tower), this ferocious duo are undoubtedly the big winners of the past balance changes.

From residing in obscurity with other gimmicks such as Witch and Mirror, Ebarbs have instantly surged to becoming not just one of the best cards in the game, but the single BEST, most defining card in the meta, once the update went live. They've been able to slot themselves into almost every single archetype while being a major threat that must be accounted for in every battle.

Their use/win rates reflect their versatility and threat level, hitting a whopping 42/58 use/win rate that even rivals Witch's stats back in October 2019. Because of these incredibly alarming stats and community feedback, the CR team decided to emergency nerf Ebarbs in today's maintenance break, reverting their first attack buff. While a much needed change, much of the community is concerned that this change isn't enough, while others commend the CR team's restraint and diligence. So, I leave it up to you, will Ebarbs remain a dominant force or will they settle into a healthy place?

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