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redditJust annoyed about giant skeleton nerf

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How are they gonna nerf giant skeleton? Which in my opinion, wasn’t even that op. You’ve moved him from a decent mid level tank to literally garbage tier. But this isn’t what I’m annoyed about, I don’t even use tanks. What pisses me off is that you have tanks like pekka and elixir golem not receiving nerfs. These cards take very little to no skill to use. Just pressing on your screen anywhere without even a inkling of thought completely changes the flow and pace of the game. More pekka than elixir golem. Pekka is just a brain dead card that rewards you literally just pressing the screen. Most of the time when you finally destroy it the persons just building up elixir and you just used all your elixir to deal with the pekka in the first place. It just completely baffles my mind that they would nerf giant skeleton over pekka. That is all.

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