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🏆[4600] Abuzement Park / #LP98YUCV/ 🔥Active Adult Clan🔥 / LF for Active, Adult, and Friendly Members (English)


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LF for Active, Adult, and Friendly members for a newly formed clan.
We merged on 11/21/2019 and still have a few more coming over.

We only have a few basic rules

1.) Be active. Donate and participate in wars.
2.) If you participate in a war, complete all of your battles.
3.) Going on vacation? Tell us! Or we don't know!
4.) Don't KICK anyone. Leadership will take care of this.
5.) English Only in the chat

All Promotions and Demotions are handled by this dashboard below
The scoring system is fair and visible for all to see. Check out the dashboard!


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