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redditBig list about everything wrong with CW2.

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  • Deck reset times are unfair
  • Losing a duel with one match won doesn't give the right amount of gold
  • Clan war league list-button doesn't look like a button at all
  • Boatyard is useless, battling and giving up benefits more than using boatyard.
  • Winning boat battles gives too little fame
  • Boat battles are not worth using in any scenario
  • Boat defense AI sometimes miss-aims spells completely
  • Only one person can battle at a time
  • You face up the same clans entire clan war season, this can get really unfair
  • Clans that now start from bronze league have no way of getting to the top list, EVER. Clan trophy system needs a revamp
  • Clan trophies are useless
  • You can't edit war decks on cooldown
  • Colosseum is not as exciting as it should be
  • When a clan war season ends, you receive NOTHING, only thing that happens is that the clan wars resets back to week one.
  • Clan Wars 2 is mostly 1v1 battles that has no difference from ladder battles
  • Matchups can get unfair, since you are forced to use more than your highest level cards.
  • You can still get over 50 players to a single war
  • Sometimes the visuals show your boat at the end of the river before actually finishing the race
  • You can use a card in one war deck only, this is unnecessary and makes it hard to build a good 4 decks
  • Once you have built 4 decks, there's no need to change them ever again. Battles become repetetive. (Yes, you can change them if you want, but there's no reason to do so)
  • What's the point of clan shield?
  • There's no special arena for duels or any other clan war mode than colosseum, unlike in CW1
  • Four battles per day can be too much
  • The gamemode doesn't feel like a war, it feels like an unfair race
  • Battles are unexciting and don't feel meaningful
  • Once river race is finished, there's nothing to do until next week
  • Most clan wars (at least for my clan) take only 2 days to finish
  • You are forced to play in a war if you're in a clan, otherwise you clan has no chance of winning
  • You don't even battle against the opponent clans, how is this "war" in any way?
  • Most importantly: aside from boat battles, there is no new content. It's just regular 1v1 battles or challenge battles.
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