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redditHelp request for finding an old clash royale video of 20 wins in CCGS

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Hi all, this might be a bit of an odd post but I'll provide some context. I've been playing clash royale since beta, got competitively involved in the game around the time of CCGS 20 win challenge but then quit for about 3-4 years because the game was making my severe depression worse and I was stuck in a really bad rut in life

It was about 3 or 4 years that I made a guide on this sub of getting 20 wins in the CCGS challenge using old school 3 musk bait with a video of last 4-5 games I think, these are the 2 links of the deleted reddit post and the reposted guide on a different clash royale website

A few months after making that post, I completely deleted my clash royale account (IGN AlphaGorGonsYT), clash royale youtube channel (AlphaGorGonsYT - some of you might remember I used to post 12 win GC videos + deck guides) and all the reddit clash royale guides I made

Recently I got the game again for old times sake to see whats changed because I'm in a much better place now and I miss the game alot and all the good memories I did have on here with clanmates and friends. Sadly it's not possible for me to recover my clash royale account because I requested years ago for supercell to delete my account. However I was wondering if it's possible to recover the youtube video of the 20 wins I deleted, if anybody happened to download it or if its somewhere out there on an internet archive I'm not aware of. I wanted to rewatch the video for the nostalgia and to reminisce on it because to me it kind of represents how far I've come since I made the video and I put alot of time and effort back then to making guides and strategy posts that people on the subreddit could learn from

Thanks all, I know it's an odd post and I appreciate the time you take to read it all Cheers

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