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I know that I am beating a dead horse at this point, but this feature is simply not fun or fair, and it won't hold for long. To put my words into a perspective, if I were completelly maxed out, I would gladly play CW1 and share the best decks with my clan, and together we would strive for the top. The same can't be said for CW2 however, and these are the reasons:

1.Why would I ever bother playing at a time that is inconvenient for me 2.A lower level account would probably be more helpful for the clan, since it would face easier opponents for the same amount of fame 3.A meaningless void still exists after 3k trophies, with no real content, rewards or world rankings within 4.The trophies themselves are meaningless, since no actual skill or teamwork is required to acquire them, only getting your battles done as soon as possible

Main takeway from these is that things that can be fixed actually have nothing to do with the core gameplay of CW2. Those that are rooted in the mechanics can't be changed without completelly changing the whole concept. If the only thing that CW2 can do better than CW1 is the reward system, then in reality it can't do anything better. BECAUSE IF YOU JUST ADDED BETTER REWARDS FOR CW1 IT WOULD BE SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY, SHAPE AND FORM. My point is, CW2 can be improved, but it will never be fun. It was not designed to be. It can't stay in the game as it stands right now, CW3 will eventually come. If anyone has any argument as to why CW2 should stay, I am willing to hear it.

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