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reddit[Strategy] Miner Wall-breakers: How to Play

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Hey everyone! HR here and in this post, I will be going over my favorite deck that Clash Royale has ever had. Miner Wall-breakers. I don’t know if any of you know this, but I have been playing Miner since the beginning of arena 10. Miner cycle has since then changed like no other deck. Today, I will be looking at the most recent Miner cycle [deck], Miner Wall-breakers with Tesla and Valkyrie. I hope you guys enjoy!

Deck overview:

F2P friendliness: Low (2/10)

Not gonna lie, as a F2P player myself, it’s been a pain in the butt. Now, you all are thinking, “Well obviously this is a downside, having Miner, Log, and Wallbreakers to level up. But actually, Miner and Wallbreakers, while issues, aren’t the worst part. It’s the fact that it’s always evolving that makes it so bad as a F2P option. I have probably leveled up at least 10 different cards that would end up either being in only one variant, or end up not appearing for 3 or 4 variants of this deck. As mentioned, it’s among the newest cycle decks out there, so this isn’t a surprise. But just something to note if you are a F2P looking to use this deck to satisfy your cycle deck needs.

Skill required: Heavy Micro, light Macro

Most people when analyzing a deck by skill would say “It’S a HiGh sKiLl deck” or “iT’s a LoW SkiLL dEcK” don’t listen to them. Anyways, what I mean here is you need to have those 1 on 1 interactions with bats\spobs and the opponent troops down like the back of your hand. That literally is half of your game, and if your letting them go to waste when you could be getting tons of value, that’s bad. But at the same time, your highest elixir card is 4 elixir, and your deck average is about 3 elixir. Trust me when I say this, you have the easiest offense game with this deck. Wall breakers at the bridge. Force out a response. Miner + Bats opposite lane. Valk to defend if needed, spobs to cycle and chip at the tower, and you wouldn’t guess it. Wallbreakers again. Repeat the process until the opponent can’t defend and dies to either a Wallbreakers connection or a spell. Not that hard a big picture. Now just to apply pressure with the weakest enemies in the game by stats without wasting elixir....huh.

Offense potential: Medium-High

Overall, your aggressive offense and ability to place as much pressure as needed with ease is what wins you games. You want the opponent to be on the defensive as much as possible. You can, in very certain match ups, even sack a tower and go on offense and take two faster than they can, which is necessary where defense may be impossible.

Defense potential: Medium.

You still have a defense, however. Valk, Tesla, and some bats and Spear Goblin DPS will still be necessary for many games. Holding the door in OT is very possible and a balance between offense and defense is necessary for winning.

Basic Game Plan:


You don’t want to wait around for double elixir time to take command of the opponent. Cycle decks shine in these 2 minutes, and this deck is no exception. Let’s go over some starting hand plays you can use:

  • Wall-breakers split at the river: Best play you can make as your first play. This will often either force out a very specific response, force out a lot of elixir first play, or deal nice damage to one or both towers. Regardless of the outcome, it will put you at an advantage of some sort, and for a cheap price of 2 elixir. Not much that can go wrong really.

  • Miner at the tower: this will force out something or help you take a good damage lead early on. Though not as rewarding as the first option since there are other plays that’s Miner that are good for when the opponent has less elixir and you know their deck more, it’s still a nice move.

  • Spear Goblins at the bridge: Yet another nice way to get an early lead. Only issue is that spear gobs could be a good answer or spell bait for bats if they choose to play an air threat like balloon at the bridge.

If none of these cards are in your hand, you have a good defensive hand, and should wait more too see if they want to play offense. Defend, and repeat any and all of the following attacks:

  • Miner + Wallbreakers/bats
  • Valk + Bats or Spear Goblins
  • Lone Spear Goblins

Also be sure that you have ample elixir to defend, and that your not wasting all of your elixir into one push for “pressure,” Actual pressuring is spread out so that your own elixir bar can keep up.

Don’t stop the pressure when you get into a rhythm. If you take a tower in single, you will have a much easier time in double and a couple matchups require it to win.


Now you lose the advantage of being a cheap deck when playing against heavier control and beatdown. You do know their offense, however, and what you need to do to keep your towers alive. Apply a bit more gas to your pressure with the same techniques as you used in single. When they attempt to go on offense, go for positive elixir trades and use some of your tower HP and damage as a resource to keep elixir. Always take a positive elixir trade unless you risk your tower going completely down. Gaining elixir leads will let you pressure easier and better and will make it harder for the opponent to defend.

Sometimes, you may have to let a tower go now and get the second one in OT. Don’t sweat it too hard if you have to do that.

2:00 SD-1:00 sudden death

Now, true defense is much more important. Instead of using your Bats and Spobs on offense, use just Miner + Wall-breakers on offense whenever possible, and go for a more counter push approach for your Valk, bats, and Spobs. If they are spelling your defense, bait out with Bats and then Spobs on defense. Protect both with your Valk and Tesla and then let the counter attack apply pressure and waste even more elixir.

If the tower is at 400HP or lower, start solo Miner cycling and keep the remaining 2 elixir for extra defense. Don’t try to spell cycle unless they give you value when attempting to defend the Miner. This just wastes more elixir and your spells should also be used on defense.

1:00-Tie Breaker

If you are failing to break through with Miner + Wall-breakers and they still have plenty of HP left on the tower when triple elixir starts, cut the Wall breakers and start the solo Miners. The pressure tactic won’t work that well at this point with more elixir now, so hold the door with everything and cycle Miners at the tower. Get as much value with Fireball and Log as possible and end the match with them as soon as you can. Otherwise, it’s mostly the same as beginning OT. You shouldn’t get to this point that often, and really only in specific matchups.

And speaking of specific matchups...

Tough matchups: Starting from the worst, according to Royale API.

This is a prime example of a tower sack matchup. Apply pressure in single elixir. Split your Wall-breakers and have your pressure go in both lanes in case you need to. If they go Golem, wether in single or double, go Miner + Bats, not Miner + Wallbreakers. Miner + 5 bats actually kills the tower, where as Wallbreakers will just deal damage. They have to choose between defending or giving you a tower. Not the worst case scenario for the Golem player, but better than just some small damage, and more likely than not they will let the tower go.

Now for the tough part. Fireball as late as possible so that you get as much value as possible. Go Tesla in the anti lightning placement so that it only kites the Golem and play Spobs next to the tower and Valkyrie on top of the night witch. Assuming you didn’t chief pat the fireball, the night witch should be dead. Log back the Golem and get another Tesla down so that the Golem is distracted again, and at this point the support troops are mostly gone. If you missed the Fireball, still repeat this process, but don’t over defend, and if the opponent takes the tower, Go for two in OT with Wall-breakers + Miner and Bats + Miner. The defense is more delaying the inevitable long enough to stop the clock, not really shut down the push, though you can if you used the above method.

I would say that the hardest part of this match up is the offense. High DPS, the Mega Knight, the inferno dragon for distraction, all contribute to a rock solid defense for the bait player in this matchup. Split your Wallbreakers at all times so that they have to use 2 units to take them out, especially when they have a Mega Knight in hand. When they place a Mega Knight, and it crosses over the river, do not play a Tesla against the Mega Knight. You want to halt as much damage against the skeleton barrel as possible and that requires a Tesla. Instead, play Valk and Spear Gobs. When they play a Skeleton Barrel, Tesla it and then bats or Log.

The opponent’s deck can give out some big counter attacks especially as double elixir translates into bigger pushes for them, so again, be aggressive in single, and get a little more passive in double and triple elixir when you have a tower advantage.

Ice Bow, like many other siege decks, have a sort of knack for being able to entirely dictate the game on their side of board, regardless of what you throw at them. That’s just part of what makes this Ice Bow match up a little tricky in some situations. Yet, you can still dismantle their defense. Be highly aggressive throughout the entire game. Don’t give them Tornado or Log value, though. Just remember true pressure, and when they X-bow on offense, play a Miner + Fireball on their X-bow, and Valk in the middle once the Miner is almost dead.

If they play Rocket on just the tower, go aggressive. That’s a 6 for 0 elixir trade when they go for it so the second you see the Rocket they are vulnerable, regardless of the time of game. If you end up dealing large amounts of damage in single elixir, wether you end up getting 5 bats on tower, or the Wallbreakers find ways to connect, go for the tower take. If you were completely unable to connect in single elixir, just force as much elixir out of them as possible with Wallbreakers and Spear Gobs. When they X-bow offensively is when it hurts the most.

This matchup isn’t that bad in Giant’s favor. The best thing to do here, obviously, is apply a lot of pressure. Just as with the Golem matchup, remember that they have to make a choice to sack or waste elixir if you send Bats + Miner. Also, split your Wallbreakers, so the damage goes to both towers in case you need to tower sack.

Once you see the push you are dealing with, you will want to fireball the Electro Wizard and/or Mega Minion no matter what. Also try to hit the dark prince to knock off the shield. Tesla in the 4-3 plant, and Valk on top of the princes. Have the Spear Goblins bait out their zap, then play bats so you can DPS the Giant down and if you can, Tesla again. Otherwise, let the tower go and again go aggressive and take the second tower out entirely. It shouldn’t be hard if you split the pressure from single elixir across both towers.

  • Mirror Matchup

For a Mirror Matchup, play a lot of offense and quickly. Straight out of the gate, try to surprise them and force them on defense. Go for either only Wallbreakers or Miner and split Wallbreakers, depending on wether or not they have the Tesla in hand or Valk in hand. Miner + Bats is also very effective at stopping the opponent from using their Spear Goblins aggressively. When you do this, try to guess where they are going to play their Spear Gobs, and try to play a Miner closer to the spear goblins than your bats. The end result will be much more damage since you will still get all 5 bats connecting for at least one hit each.

Given the choice between the Tesla and the Valk, always defend Wallbreakers with a Tesla. It’s just going to be much easier and much less risk of heavy damage. The second you play Tesla, go on offense with any offense combination you have in your hand, and cycle back to another Tesla. This matchup is pretty much the first to fail to cycle back to Tesla when the Wallbreakers come back in (unless either you or your opponent lets the Bats connect from the first strategy) since the opponent will also be going aggressive and have the same defense as you. If you do get a connection, and the Miner chip made the tower significantly lower than your own, Apply more of your pressure opposite lane and fireball cycle the weaker tower to end the match.

Any other matchups? Ask me in the comments.

Last minute tips

  • Always switch up your Miner placement: Obviously. More connections with the Miner the better. Because your damage is more in Wallbreakers, Bats, and Spear Goblibs, you can even go so far as to play a Miner on a troop, like a princess, and then play Wallbreakers, sort of making your princess “defense” a “counter attack”

  • Don’t forget there are two towers. Your games will be a lot easier when you split up your damage. Trust me, there’s enough damage where both towers can share and you will easily be able to take them both, if you are aggressive enough.

  • When learning this deck, be patient: As mentioned before, you have some tricky micro interactions which are at times tough to get in your favor. If you lose a match or two of your GC, stop, take a minute, and even look at your replays to see what happened. Your going to learn this a lot easier and your going to save your gems more too.

Thank you guys for reading, and comment down below


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