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redditIt's possible - officially maxed all card levels as a F2P

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It's been a long time coming, and I've been looking forward to today for quite a while. This morning I was able to max all of my cards as a free-to-play player. I've never purchased the pass, never spent my own or anyone else's money in my account, never had any transactions on my account, 100% F2P.

Screen record of final moments: https://streamable.com/2z6crv

I've been a little obsessed with tracking this journey, so for the last two years, every Monday morning at around 7am I would log the current gold/star-point/gold-spent and each individual card's current count. I made some graphs up this morning to be able to share this here. I've got graphs of each type, gold spent and collected, and star point total:


I've never been a big card skin / emoji guy, so none of that has ever really tempted me (as you can tell by the fact that I only ever accidently spent star points on furnace).

My biggest regret as a F2P was spending 500 gems on the 10,000 gold in the shop very early on in the game. This was before challenges existed so there was nothing to spend your gems on beside opening chests faster. Definitely low value in today's game, but at the time it felt like the best bang for your gems which is wild in hindsight.

I've purchased the global tourney rewards 4 times; usually when I had enough gems in my stockpile to make sure I'd have enough left over. Spent the majority of my gems on classic challenges, I nearly always have one on the go it seems. I'm not much of a ladder player, generally just climb to a point where i don't have to grind and call it quits. Never made a push above 7k since there's no value added to the account by doing that. Last season was my first time playing any matches above 7k, just to have some added fun.

Progression has come a long way, still has a way to go, but I do trust that it will continue to improve. Once you max out the cards the gold does start to come quite fast.

If anyone has any questions let me know. I only have access to my reddit account here on a really old tablet, so it's been a while since I've ever posted something even though I lurk the sub daily.

Happy Easter everyone! Shout-out to everyone in Clan Reddit Omega!

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