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I want to start this post by saying I'm a very good player. I also understand no card should be useless. That being said I think e barbs are meta-breaking. I feel like e barbs get way to much value for how little skill they take to use. (I'll admit it's refreshing to see the use rate of RG go down). I believe that they should be bumped up to 7 elixir. Have a 2 second deploy time or just have a slower speed until they cross the bridge. I know these might not be the best options but I want them to be as good as they're without killing the card. The problem I have with them the most is just how difficult it is to counter them efficiently if you don't have a direct counter or multiple counters. It's very frustrating. Also, I meant one of those changes, not all three, or have it where they have a slower speed together but have a medium speed when split. Idk

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