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reddit(EFFORT POST) Some bugs that need to be fixed.

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  • When coming in to spectate, the current number of the countdown stays there the entire game.
  • EQ's circle remains there the entire game when the spell is cast while going in the spectate.
  • Elixir Icon not showing up during spectating
  • In 2v2 opponent's king tower can't be viewed

Wild Cards and Magic Items:

  • Not being able to add more wild cards when a card is upgradeable
  • Slowing down progression for maxed players buy not giving gold/star points when a card is replaced by a wild card
  • (QoL improvement suggestion) We should be able to choose how many wild cards we want to add to a specific card
  • When a magic item capacity is full it will keep showing a notification


  • Cards being dropped late sometimes
  • 1 chest slot is gone (don't know if this has been fixed)
  • Epics being terrible value in the shop (250 gems)
  • Pass royale banner art is not visible to some devices
  • When changing menus, the grid becomes slightly glitched (although this isn't a big issue)
  • Card can't decide where to walk sometimes (Don't know if this has been fixed)
  • A player on friends list sometimes can't be viewed from trophy road when they are of similar trophies of your own due to trophy gate info


  • Shows there are new messages even when there are none after restarting sometimes
  • Infinite elixir icon is switched with ramp up
  • Co-leaders/leaders able to nudge people from other clans
  • (QoL improvement suggestion) When a tie happens each player should get 75% of the rewards, instead of one player losing and one winning
  • 2 "someone" was accepted to the clan logs
  • (QoL improvement suggestion) We should be able to view a player's profile from "past wars"
  • During a new season, people who have not logged on will be shown at 4000 trophies
  • Cannot edit deck during cooldown

QOL changes that are needed:

  • Fixed starting hands. Hate it when opponent puts their win con first play and I don't have a good response (I know people might golem first play and all, but better to eliminate an avoidable luck factor. This can be completely optional, no toxicity pls)
  • Trader needs to be more useful, needs to be changed.
  • Clans should not be matched together for the entire month, makes CW stale.
  • Changes need to be made to private tournaments.
  • Clan wars matchmaking should be capped (IMO clan wars should be about participation and skill, not levels)

Hope this helps the team! Of course there are definitely more bugs out there, and the QoL changes are just my opinion. Hope you guys like it!

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