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redditClan Wars 2 improvement eta? And legit comments/recommendations with some gripe at the end.

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Anyone have any idea to when SC will be improving CW2?

Specifically, I would love to see the ability to edit a deck before the cool down. Almost DAILY I play my 4 attacks, and want to swap a card because it would have been better, but by the time the next day gets here, I don't remember what I wanted to try.

I'd love to be able to see a clan member's contributions AT THE FINISH LINE, and not just total through the week.

It would also be great if clan members could "opt out" of CW2, then the match making (at the beginning of the week) only pairs you against clans with the same number of "op-ed IN" members. It would be nice if the 20-30 of us in my clan could go against the same number of people instead of consistently facing those clans where it seems like all 45-50 win every match.

Given the new stance on content, my motivation is posting this was my most recent loss of my CW2 battle and frustration with my inability to edit my deck immediately, but deeper than that, I will say I was SUPER disappointed with the reveal video earlier this week. I really got my hopes up that they were going to talk on the state of Clan Wars (arguably the thing we've all been waiting for news for), but instead we got " Look at all these other new games we're making!" The only thing I took away from it was "We're dumping all these resources into things that are NOT Clash Royale!" I appreciate all the gold and wild cards, that fixes much of the progression problems, but the clan wars is what brought me to this game. It was the interaction with my clan mates that kept me playing. I feel like if SC could fix some of the problems with clan wars, it would be possible to regain some of that fun that used to be had.

I'm not looking for a fight, I'd like to know if we've heard anything from the dev team about any updates (I'm not on twitter and don't follow reddit regularly, hence I ask). I'd absolutely have this conversation IRL. I'd also love to hear what everyone else would like to see change about CW2.

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