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As you can see here, I'm a midladder player, as my deck is toxic to us. I have barely any damage spells, so bait decks will destroy us. Please ignore me getting us to take extra damage without doing more damage to the enemy crown tower. Also please ignore me not using the correct card for this. It only cost us a crown tower, pretty minor, nothing major. Please ignore that we could still win before I made it unwinnable by leaving the match. Please ignore me overcommitting on the wrong thing. I know, I know, we can't counterattack, but it's pretty low risk high reward. The cost is only a crown tower, which as I said before, is pretty minor. I defend when you leave to prove a point, ignoring the fact that you left due to my bad plays. I hope you have fun with me, and learn from me about what to do, even though I am the one making the most amount of mistakes here.

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