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I check CR reddit every day to see if Tencent decided to give up and sell it to an even better game development studio. Supercell is great but we can be greater. </joke>

One issue I see over and over again is legitimate threads being removed because are duplicates. Problem is that it's very hard to find anything here. Most of the post are lost in history and relevant ones are easily missed unless you're lucky enough to look at the right time.

For example since the last update you can see a button to nudge players from other clans. It's not working but something you can report anyway. If you try to make a post about it it will be removed because it's a duplicate but good luck finding the existing one without scrolling 30 pages.

This is contributing to the toxicity and frustration on how the community is managed. Deleting post as duplicates but not pointing at the original one looks like sweeping dust under the rug.

My idea is simple. Unless the moderator are actually trying to pretend everything is fine, just pin every relevant bug and common thread.


- thread about war matchmaking. It's my personal nightmare and I'm pretty sure not just for me. the tower level fix did nothing. I'm constantly matched against +1 tower level and +2 +3 card levels. Just let players share their bad MM so we can see how big the problem is

- thread about ladder matchmaking. A little less obvious then the war one since climbing should be limited by card levels but still plenty of problem with maxed players under 5ke that users should be allowed to discuss.

- a pinned thread of every relevant balance changed cards for a week or so. No point in spamming reddit with a lot of those if you can discuss in a single one specific to the card.

- matchmaking is rigged thread. I'm a bit on a fence on this one. War matchmaking has some hidden algorithm dev could explain, challenge might be rigged in some way. Ladder probably not but having a pinned thread with official Supercell response would help lower the toxicity and spam.

Thanks for reading.

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