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Hello, everyone! Today, I am going to be teaching you how to play Log Bait. Log Bait is a deck which works by baiting out a Low damage spell, like Log, so that a high damage, low hit point win condition can deal chip damage to the tower without worry of a spell. Similar to cycle decks, it likes to control the games pace and make them use their spell on something they don’t want to. I hope you guys enjoy!

What cards are in bait decks that make it work?

Bait decks will often contain cards that can be tricky to kill (think princess or Dart Goblin) or has potential to gain lots of value, without a low spell. (think Inferno Dragon in zap bait) It will also contain a Win Condition that has the same traits as their bait cards, which will apply pressure and deal damage if their opponent uses their spells improperly.

A couple examples of log bait decks include:

Note some common cards, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Princess/Dart Goblin, Skeleton Barrel, etc.

General Game plan: A passive start, but firm punishment.

DISCLAIMER: I will use Classic bait for this part of the guide. With some certain exceptions, including matchups, the other two decks will have some minor differences

In the first moments of any match, it’s generally safe to wait until you have a full elixir bar, then if you have either Goblin Barrel or princesses, go for some chip damage and see if they respond.(If you have both, opening play Barrel is the better option since princess is invaluable on defense, which is more important at these first minutes) If they have a spell in hand, they will use it accordingly. Do not punish this bait. You don’t know their early game plan and the last situation you want to be in is on low elixir during single, when the tower is easily vulnerable. If they have their offense set and pull the trigger, you should still have a rather easy time punishing/defending without a low spell in their hand. Space out your troops, and always play princess in the back and protect it, elixir allowing.

If you have a counter push, they have to do something against it. If they have cycled to a Log, let them Log, then go Barrel for chip. If they haven’t cycled to a log, or if they played another troop down, don’t play barrel. That’s not only a barrel out of your hand, but a positive elixir trade as well.

When double elixir hits, you can start princess stacking in the back to gain control of the board. Let the opponent play a few cards, so the princesses get value in their place without moving around to much. Then place a princess in one of four areas:

  • In the back corner of the side the opponent is attacking (Easy to protect, not log bait, useful for guaranteed value)

  • In the pocket, on the tile right in front of the king tower (Hard to protect, log bait, useful for dealing with smaller pushes, which have weaker cards)

  • Behind the king tower (Easy to protect, not bait, mostly used in GY)

  • Opposite lane, close to the tower (Relatively easy to protect, log bait, useful for beatdown pushes when the whole push is pulled to the center. Can be hard to time right IMO.)

Then, defense and cycle back to another princess. If they spell anything, chuck a barrel. They pretty much have to spell if your princess cycling correctly so now is a great time to start going aggressive with your barrels and if your behind in damage, catch up.

When triple elixir hits, not much changes, apart from the fact that you can now rocket cycle. If the opponent is rather low on tower HP, cut the barrels and start the Rockets for a guaranteed speedy end to the match.

Hard Matchups:

At first glance, I was thinking, how on earth was this deck such a struggle to log bait, being somewhat cheap and having the Rocket. Then it hit me: The Rocket has a low radius. The opponent most likely cycle spams Flying Machines the exact same way you cycle spam Princesses. The thing destroys the princesses that get close, and frees up the Barb Barrel for the Goblin Barrel. The best thing to do is to hold off on your Rocket, apply pressure heavily in single elixir, and take the tower before double, where they can easily recruit in the back and set up a push. Then, with one tower down, hold the door with IT and as many princesses as possible. Stack as many of them in the way back as possible, either behind the KT or in the back corner. Get some on the board, chuck some Gobs at the tower, and you can hold the door. If it goes into OT, spam the Barrels fast, since the opponent has more and more elixir to dictate the game with those recruits.

I can see why this is a hard match up. Although these newest variants of Miner Wallbreakers may include Valk and Tesla, the base game play is the same. Play very passive. Chill out. Scatter princesses all over the place. Go as close to the King tower as possible to avoid a Nado. The first nado will probably be a Barrel to the king. Delay this as long as you can, and try to use offensive princesses so that you can get an edge before he’s activated. Always protect your princesses when you hear a Miner. Worst case scenario, he sends it to the tower, and you take some damage. The Miner is able to easily be out-damaged though and if you shut off the bats/Spobs/Wallbreakers your defensive game is okay.

The main issue is offense. Magic Archer, Valk/BT, (newer variants are starting to pick up valk) and 3 Spells will be a pain in the butt to deal with. First, to ensure an offense works, you have to protect princesses from a Miner. Play your Princess behind the king so that the opponent cannot play a Miner. The princess will walk away from the safe spot pretty quickly so play a goblin gang to surround the Miner as soon as she is in a position to Miner. If they Nado, go for a juke barrel. If they Log, play anti KT barrel, and if they Magic Archer, Knight High to protect the remaining parts of the Goblin Gang, and they should Bomb Tower/Valk the Remaining Goblins. Play Ice Spirit Opposite Lane and once it connects Princess right behind. They will have to choose between a large negative elixir trade and playing a spell to quickly deal with that princess. Repeat the process until they have no choice but to Log. Then go barrel to the outside+ Knight for an insane amount of damage. This will also be easier with 2 or more princesses on the board so if you protect and you have the elixir to play a second Princess, go ahead.

This match up gets increasingly easier for you in double and triple elixir so wait until at least double elixir has started before you play that fancy bait technique. (TLDR; Repeatedly make bait plays until your opponent has no elixir. Then Barrel + Knight and Rocket at the very end.)

Electro Giant is much easier than both of the ones I mentioned according to Royale API. Apply heavy pressure in single elixir. Chip them away and take a tower in single elixir. Then play Inferno Tower in the 4-3 plant and play princess back tower. Use knight + Gang to distract the support troops and log the E Giant back so that it takes as much DPS from the IT as possible. Spell the tower if needed and that’s GG’s. Just don’t play a gang on the E Giant and Log it back as early as possible and this match up is in the bag for you.


Log Bait is a deck which forces the opponent to play a spell on the wrong card so that you can take the tower and apply pressure with other cards. While you have some hard match ups, they are out playable and a skilled Log bait player can win anything. Thanks for reading!


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