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redditVery Quick Clash News Post; 3 NEW GAMES?! Possibilities for New Troops (at the cost of others?) My Thoughts.

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Hey everyone, long time no see. I took a stupidly long little break from the Game, and in turn, Posting. Thanks to the new Magic Items Update, I. Am. BACK! And I am officially going to try and make Post on this Game again; ranging from “Card Standardization”, Update Analysis, and possibly more. Now onto the main topic; The New Games and their Troop Potential.


As the Clash of Clans YouTube Channel just showed off in this video, not only will they be making new games in the Clash Universe, but they are also adding new Characters in said Universe! One such example can be seen with the Royal Cook in the Clash Heroes Game trailer, the Papa Dragon in the Clash Quest Game or the “Sword(fish)man?” (If that is it’s name, I’m going to laugh so hard) the “Elder Rider?” (Older Hog Rider?), and the “Paladin?” (The thing in the Battle Healer Armor and has the Big Shield. So that kind of armor is now significant to other Troops?) in the Clash Mini Game Trailer.

All of these new characters, to me, seem like either they could be new Cards added in the future of Clash Royale. Or, what I personally hope happens; Will replace some of the more redundant Cards in the game, such as Minion Horde. I know that some people may not like that, for the sake having all Cards “feel similar, but different”, maybe this might be better than just adding Cards. But who knows?


So, what do you think about the 3 new Clash Games (after seeing the Official Announcement Video)? Think they will be fun? Think the New Characters will possibly be new/replace old Troops in Clash Royale? Let me know down below in the Comments! As always, take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!

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