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I know the 'flawed clan war 2' topic has been beat to death. But here are some additional points on why the clan war format as it is doesn't work. We belong to a clan where we yo-yo between legendary and gold, so we obviously don't use well-covered tactics / flaws such as losing at maximum speed, etc.

- Clans are playing the least they can get away with to maintain their race position. In an engaging game, you want people to want to play, not to play because its a chore. Here's the evidence. We have a clan with about 40 members. But really its a small core group of us having multiple accounts that make up the 40 accounts. One week many of us played all our accounts, and we and the fourth place clan were pretty much neck in neck. The next week, I and some clan mates took much of the week off (that's five very productive accounts right there from me). And we were still neck in neck with that other clan? Why? All the clans were looking at each other and see how much the other clans were pushing them. When there was no pressure, it seemed like everyone is happy to take a break.

- Destination- what is it? What are we trying to accomplish? There is not a knockout bracket, there is not a championship on the line. What's the point of getting the clan trophy number to be 4000, 5000, 6000? None. The reward is pretty much the same as you get more clan trophies. Its not like you get into Champions League Football where you actually get rewarded handsomely for participating and potentially winning.

- The law of averages. Assuming the matchmaking algorithm matches me with players with similar ability and card levels. And assume the same for everyone who participates in clan wars. Over the course of the season, I will most likely end up with a 50% win rate. Some days I will win 3. Other days I lose 3. Most days I win 2. On a rare day I will win or lose them all. So the river position has little to do with skill, since you can do the rough math on # participants times 600 trophies (50% win rate) and figure out when your clan is going to finish. Not very dramatic, isn't it? Its like running an super hyper ultra marathon where the race continues for a month. But you already know the result within the first 4 hours of the race. I am pretty sure right off I will know very quickly Geoffrey Kamworor is going to beat me in a marathon. So what's the point?

- Rewards. Supercell says rewards, especially gold are better in CW2. I haven't seen the evidence. in CW1, I play 4 battles every 2 days, and I get on average about 4000-5000 gold per war. so about 2500 gold per day. in CW2, I play 4 battles every 2 day. With my 50% win rate, I average about 2000 gold per day. So let's for the sake of the argument the gold rewards are similar in both CW1 and CW2, for me, an average player. But I have to double my effort to gain the same reward, which to me means the reward is halved.

Solution? The clan wars need to bring back, and increase the drama, the stakes, and the rewards so players are more inclined to engage. If we have a clan war format where we have those win or go home battles (e.g. March Madness), it will make a world of difference.

All of us in the clan have jobs. We play for fun. We have enough grind in our daily life as is. We got whales in our clan. These guys are five percenters. Guys who never hesitated to drop $99 for a pack of gems. They spent almost zero in the last half year and most of them are in semi-retirement when it comes to CR. They said, both the game and clan war 2 are getting boring. Give these guys a reason to spend money please. I am not a whale like them, but I too found the fun and excitement quite lacking from the game in recent months.

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