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redditClan war matchmaking: How it works, problems and solutions (exploits and ideas)

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Currently, clan war matchmaking is based on your performance within range of your King tower. Your very first war match will start with the lowest possible performance rating, making your first experience very easy. Due to the performance factor it pushes your win rate to 50% over time. Trying harder makes your future matches more difficult without any benefits in return. The best route is doing 1 duel and throwing the rest of the matches to keep the performance factor low. If you're underleved but skilled, you will notice that your opponents keep having higher lvl cards than you and vice versa. Abuse the system and you can get consistently free duel wins without effort.

The reason a system like this is needed is to give each player a challenge. In a completely random and fair matchmaking, a maxed pro would just win each and every match, making war boring, while a casual and newer player would consistently lose.

However, this matchmaking can be very frustrating if played "correctly" and is easily abused.

Here are 2 ideas to fix this.

Option 1: Keep performance factor but integrate it in rewards

  • Have your performance rating visible and increase fame points per victory based on it
  • More wins -> higher performance -> more points, no exploits

This wasn't my idea but it's really good if you think about it: It is completely fair and gives each player a challenge without frustrating them since more difficult matches just means more points

Option 2: Matchmaking based on exact clan trophies

  • The higher your clan the more difficult your fights, adds competitiveness above 3k clans
  • lets people "pick" their difficulty by clan
  • balances difficulty on Clan average

This option comes with several downsides:

  • pushes leaders to kick casual and underleveled players
    • Lets face it, CW 2 already does this
    • idea: allow leaders to adjust the participation cap
      • set it to 25 - get matched with other 25s, less pressure on the rest of the clan
  • Pros could jump in lower leagues and destroy everyone
    • It's weird to purposely get less rewards for easier matches, but there's always that guy

Personally, I prefer option 1, but both seem like improvements to me. The current system is just not enjoyable when you know that each win is just rewarded with another loss.

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