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redditTo all new players, this is what a win condition is. Your deck needs 1. I'll be explaining what cards are and are not a win condition since I see lots of arguments about it.

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So by clash royale "definition" a win condition is a card that goes directly to TOWERS ONLY. Examples of win conditions are

Standard win condition

Hog rider, royal hogs, battle ram, balloon, goblin barrel, graveyard, wall breakers, giant, goblin giant, electro giant, elixer golem, golem, and (skeleton barrel which is sorta niche and needs either mortar or clone/miner)

Next we have the semi win conditions, which are technically win conditions but need spells or to be paired with other win conditions to be viable. (I'll also just include the siege buildings to this)

This includes mortar, and xbow, which require a specific deck and certain spells to be viable, mortar is used in more variations of decks while xbow is only in 2.9, 3.0, and 3.5.

This group also includes cards like miner, which really doesn't work alone anymore and is used as a secondary win con in decks such as megaknight bait, giant double prince, balloon cycle, and miner wallbreakers.

You could sorta put magic archer here too but it's only really a secondary win con in pekka bridge spam and miner wallbreakers as a third semi win con.

Next we have cards that are often MISTAKEN as win conditions, and are indeed not win conditions and are only played in viable decks that how a true win con in them.

This group includes, prince, dark prince, pekka, giant skeleton, megaknight, 3 musketeers, mini pekka and any other hard hitter/tank that people somehow mistake as win conditions just because they're expensive. These cards are not win conditions, they can not get direct tower damage in any way at all because they are distracted by troops, making them not win cons.

Last we have spells, which are often secondary win cons in decks like siege, such as 3.5 xbow using rocket cycle if it can't break through

Every other card doesnt seem to be mistaken as a win con, I've never heard of anyone trying to claim musketeer is a win con so I think I'm safe with all the support and swarm troops lol.

Lastly, before any of you strange people who still use the outdated deckshop come at me ab megaknight being a win condition there, he is in fact not a win con. There is no deck above 6000 trophies I've ever seen using megaknight where it doesnt have wallbreakers or some other win con in it.

Hope this can help clear up arguments in the future, thanks for reading if you got this far!

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