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No, the title although a gag isn't in any way meant to poke fun at people using Skeleton Army. Rather, this is a comprehensible (Yet roughly-made) guide on how to use the card.

"So, you want to use the Skeleton Army? Meet Larry and his fourteen other friends; Harry, Gerry, Terry, Mary, Barry, Cherry, Karrie, Faerie, Scary, Sherry, Gary, McClary, Huckleberry, and LeDoot. In THAT order!"

Stats (Tournament Standard)
Count: 15
Skeleton Hitpoints: 67
Skeleton Damage: 67
Skeleton Hit Speed: 1 Second
Skeleton Range: Melee: Short
Skeleton Speed: Fast (90 tiles/minute)
Total DPS: 1005

Jokes aside, Skeleton Army is a basic swarm card and a starter card that you have a 1/4 chance of unlocking for free in the training camp tutorial. It's an Epic that costs 3 elixir and yields a lot of versatility in spite of the ease to counter it with splash and spells. Since this vulnerability along with it's aspect of sheer numbers can translate to these key advantages below:

1: You can use it in conjunction with other swarm-type or small spell-vulnerable cards such as Goblin Gang to form an effective synergy that can get around such counters. This can help a lot for mid ladder players if they're struggling against Elite Barbarians since those players tend to use Zap with them.

2: Skeleton Army makes a great counter to Goblin Barrel if you're in a pinch, such as expending your other Goblin Barrel counters on other cards such as it's myriad of pairings in Log Bait decks. (Princess the obvious example.)

3: If you're mindful with counting cards and are confident you can win off the risk of your opponent sending in their win condition or an offense unit by their lonesome (Hog Rider, etc), the Skeleton Army's DPS is usually enough to stop them for huge value. The only exception to this rule is the Electro Giant whose unique ability can erase the skeletons. Though he does suffer 1005 damage at tournament standard since each Skeleton deals 67 damage per hit. Golem is similar with his death damage.

4: Skeleton Army bests a lot of cards in a 1-1 scenario and even during larger-scale fights. Provided you can account for and capitalize on what support the opponent's using.

5: Skeleton Army can help you plan accordingly to what spells both small and big you're opponent can possibly be using. Consider the risks when defending with Skeleton Army and work around that to the best of your ability. This will vary across all levels of play. "Unless the opponent has Skillnado. Then, Na, na, nana. Na, na nana. Hey, Tower! Goodbye!" The quotation's a joke. I'm just busting your balls, Tornado fans.


Like mentioned in the tips above, Skeleton Army pairs extremely well with Goblin gang since they're both swams that can bait out spells for each-other. If you have both in hand and counted the opponent's Zap to be back in hand, then in this situation, play Goblin Gang first and if they Zap, the you're Skeleton Army's free of such a counter. Besides the Goblin Gang, there aren't a whole other ton of truely effective synergies I'd consider with the Skeleton Army. It's versatile and works in many decks, but is narrow with what cards it works well with in conjunction.

Reliable Counters:

Small Spells and Poison: Every Small Spell is built to kill swarms in mind and Skeleton Army is no exception. Zap for two elixir instantly counters it and can kill every Skeleton if the opponent reacts fast enough to their deployment. Poison covers 3.5 tiles for eight seconds which severely limits positioning of the Skeleton Army.

Splash, Linear or Multi-Target Damage: Any of these forms of damage can quickly kill a Skeleton Army without sacrificing spells. The Electro Spirit for example is a 1 elixir answer as he can kill up to 9 out of the 15 skeletons in the army.

Mother Witch: The Mother Witch can counter a Skeleton Army and translate into an offense since every Skeleton she kills turns into hogs for her. (Also helps that she was buffed as well to ease this process)

Electo Giant: Though not always recommended, the Electro Giant being able to kill all the Skeletons through reflect damage frees up your spells to be used on your opponent's more important cards to counter.

Other Swarms: Even other swarms, including another Skeleton Army can kill and cancel itself out. Barbarians are able to kill it and still have leftover units survive from the interaction.


It's easy to get a liking for the Skeleton Army since it can do a lot of things in very basic fashion. It's a definitive swarm that many players across all levels of play use as a core asset for defense that works well in plenty of situations. Be it for spell bait or to fill the gap for a DPS role. Even if there are arguably superior options, the sheer dependability and level-independence make the Skeleton Army an always welcome option for any player.

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