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redditA fun start to the week from a member of a competitive clan in europe

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Monday, 10:45 am (CEST):

I have to make the 4 attacks on Sunday (losing fast) in the quarter of an hour before the start on Monday, in order to start with about 4000 fame, but I'm hard at work.

I lock myself in the bathroom at 10:48, but the 3 slots of the war are all occupied.

Finally at 10:55 the normal battle is free, I start the challenge and I shoot a random fireball to make the opponent understand that I want to lose quickly.

From the corridor, there is a heavy knock on the bathroom door.

At eleven I leave the bathroom while my colleagues look at me reproachfully.

Tuesday 11:00 AM:

I often go to the bathroom waiting for free war slots, but they are all busy.

At 12:30 the lunch break starts but I can't eat, I have to do my 4 battles if I don't want to be kicked out of the clan.

I log in, we're at 45,000 fame so clan members have to lose quickly to win.

I look at the war slot screen, I finally manage to get into a challenge, I lose quickly, I repeat the operation 4 times.

I skipped the meal but .... we made it, once again we arrived first! I enjoy the chest with the legendary guarantee!

Ah, what a fun CW2 !!!! Thanks to the 8 defeats obtained in the office toilet in a hurry this week we won again !!!

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