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Clash Royale school research project survey

Soul Crusher

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Hello Reddit! As the title says, i'm doing a project about the current state of Clash Royale. With Supercell's lack of interaction with the community (hopefully this changes in the future) i decided to dedicate my project to Clash Royale. The survey contains 14 questions all related to Clash Royale (in order to publish your answers all questions must be answered).

Why would I participate in the survey?

Surveys are a great way to freely express your experience with the game and they offer you the possibility to describe the features you would like to see in-game (and of course, you would really help me with my project).

Should i put in my personal data?

Your data is not being used anywhere except in my project, but please refrain from putting your personal information in the survey.

How do i participate in the survey?

To participate in the survey just click the following link: https://forms.gle/AvJ3Ri8VfZULVRat9

Thank you for reading my post and especially thank you if you chose to participate in the survey.

Stay safe and healthy!

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