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redditOur Stance on Toxicity and Content on /r/ClashRoyale

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the high levels of toxicity and low effort feedback on /r/ClashRoyale.

First of all, I know this game is not in a great state. I still play daily like most of you, and I want the game I love to get better. However, spewing out vulgar and abusive comments at Supercell, community members or the moderation team does not help us improve the game. Toxicity drives our community further apart and pushes users who want to have genuine conversations away from our community. Starting today, the moderation team will be taking a more aggressive stance against all forms of toxicity. All of us have to abide by the first and most important rule on Reddit, "Remember the human". Before posting, we encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What's my motive in posting this?
  • Is this rooted in truth?
  • Is this post helpful?
  • Am I looking for a fight?
  • Could this hurt others? Hurt me?
  • How will I feel about this post in a day, week, year?
  • Would I say this to someone IRL?

Members who continue to display toxic behavior on the Subreddit will lose their privilege to participate in the community. The length of the ban will depend on the extent to which you violate our rules. In addition, the moderation team will only discuss bans via modmail, not via comments or DM.

If you would like to help us moderate content, we encourage you to apply to join our post and discussion moderation teams.

In regards to low effort feedback, I want to clarify that the moderation team in no way wants to limit or force viewpoints in the community. Our goal is to provide a place where all users are welcome to safely and constructively discuss Clash Royale. Please remember when posting feedback that you describe your issue, then offer some advice on how you would like to see it improved. I'm not asking everyone to become a game lead overnight, but think about what would make sense to you as a fix for the issue you see. We can't rely on Supercell to accurately take action on "CW2 IS BROKEN JUST FIX IT" when they have no direction as to what you believe the fix is. If we want to properly convey how we want the future of Clash Royale to be, we need to take more time explaining our vision and thoughts. This not only helps Supercell better understand our goals, but allows for a better flow of communication between the community.


Q: What if we just want to discuss a problem but we don’t have an idea for a solution?
A: If you’d like to discuss a problem, we encourage you to try to think of how it can be fixed. At the very least, describe the problem in detail and explain why it’s an issue. That way, others in the comments can share their own insights. The better you describe the problem, the more discussion potential you provide for others.

Q: How is the Clash Royale team supposed to take us seriously if we are not allowed to voice our frustrations?
A: We are not trying to censor everything bad about the game. Instead, we’re trying to make sure everyone is participating in good faith. Speaking out about problems in the game is an important aspect of improving the game, but it’s also important to be constructive in your criticism and reasoning.

Q: It’s not our job to fix the game. Why are we in charge of making solutions?
A: You’re right, it’s not your job to fix the game. However, you can do your best to help turn Clash Royale into the game you want to play. If you use constructive feedback and incorporate some form of a solution to your problem, this helps the community discuss it. There are often lots of potential solutions to a problem, so by providing your own ideas, Supercell also gets some guidance on what the community wants to see.

Q: But what about my free speech?!?!
A: This

Please leave any questions or concerns you have below or via ModMail and we will do our best to answer them.

-/r/ClashRoyale Moderation Team

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