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redditWill the reworked Giant Skeleton actually perform worse in real situations? Let's find out.

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How I interpreted the rework:

  • Damage: 172 --> 220 (Similar to Valkyrie, kills loggables)
  • Bomb Damage: 957 > 444 (Similar to Mega Knight stomp)

Whoosh, that Bomb Damage reduction is huge. But how does this really make the card worse? I grabbed a few videos of high-level Giant Skeleton gameplay and showed my analysis here. Here's what they showed:

Video 1


Battle 1: Four Giant Skeletons were played

  • The first Giant Skeleton was kited across the river, attacked a Giant a few times, and his death bomb only killed a few bats. The rework would have helped.
  • The second Giant Skeleton killed a Bowler, attacked a Night Witch once, then killed her with his bomb. The Night Witch had under 430 hitpoints when the bomb cleared her. The rework would have helped.
  • The third Giant Skeleton killed a Bowler on the bridge. With him taking 2 more punches than post-rework, the opponent wasn't forced to react further. The rework would have helped.
  • The fourth Giant Skeleton did almost the exact same as the 2nd one. Actually, it would have probably killed the Night Witch with the stronger punches, resulting in the bats dying from the bomb. The rework would have probably helped.

Conclusion: The rework would have helped in this battle.

Battle 2:

  • The first Giant Skeleton killed a Wizard and a few skeletons and the bomb hit nothing. The rework would have made no difference
  • The second Giant Skeleton got massive value out of its bomb, killing a Wizard and pretty much a Baby Dragon. The rework would have hindered massively.
  • The third Giant Skeleton was in a troop clusterfuck. It's complicated, but after rewatching and doing some math, I figured. The changes would have made no difference.
  • The fourth Giant Skeleton attacked a few times but didn't die because the match ended. The rework would have helped.

So the rework would have hindered this battle seriously.

This probably helps exemplify the method I'm using. I'll just summarize the rest.

Battle 3: The only GS play was off-screen to accommodate a meme.

Battle 4: One that would have made no difference.

Battle 5: Three would have made no difference, two would have hindered.

Video 2


  • Battle 1: First GS was off-screen. The second GS would have been MASSIVELY detrimental in that situation, but it's to note the pro would not have played it like that. The third GS would have helped a tiny bit by the rework.
  • Battle 2 and 3: A lot of GS were played, but in none of them the rework would have made a big difference.
  • Battle 4: The opponent, Anaban, also played GS, so I'll count his plays too. Anaban's first GS would have performed massively worse after the rework. Our first GS would have performed slightly better. Our second GS would also have performed slightly better, as well as Anaban's second. Both of the 3rd GSs wouldn't have been influenced by the rework, as well as our 4th. Our 5th GS would have been negatively impacted by the rework, but that's because a Tornado was used to drag things to the bomb. Anaban's 5th and 6th GSs would have been impacted slightly positively by the rework.

I watched a few other replays and such. The change appears to be a bit negative for Giant Skeleton, but not as much as you may believe since the extra damage is almost guaranteed, while the bomb often does not get less damage off.

If everyone overreacts like the subreddit right now, I predict that Giant Skeleton is going to become a slightly weak sleeped on card, like Zappies and Goblin Cage before their respective buffs where they became very strong.

Put simply, unless your reliance on the death bomb is big, don't throw Giant Skeleton off your deck right away. Give him a chance.

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