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redditMagic update seems promising. But... _what about gold??_

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TLDR: the update will only worsen the card/gold imbalance by giving too many cards and not enough gold to upgrade them with.

As we all know, GOLD, not cards, is the main impediment to progress for everyone who isn’t nearly maxed. At least if you care about more than one deck. I see it so many times, people with dozens of upgrades they can’t afford. And unlike almost every other game out there, CR doesn’t even provide a way to farm gold beyond what is given out as rewards. (Anyone about to mention the 44 gold from battles, the door is over there.)

This game shouldn’t be about slowly grinding gold to painstakingly deal with all your overdue upgrades one by one. But for many players, that’s what it is.

From what i see, none of the new items will boost gold progression, aside from the magic coin (free upgrade) which comes only once per season. Whereas almost all of them give extra cards which only worsens the gold/card income ratio. The only way to use it to boost one’s gold supply is to max all cards of a certain rarity. Which not only takes forever to do for a new/free player, but also goes against the premise of a game built around card-collecting.

Not meaning to sound greedy, this update is great for free players. But it’s too much of one thing and not enough of the other.

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