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redditA Summary of What to Expect in the next Update!

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A Summary of What to Expect in the next Update!

Magic Items

  • Wild Cards - You can convert wild cards into any card you have unlocked. They come in 4 types for each rarity.
  • Book of Cards - Instantly fill up all the remaining cards required for the next upgrade level. These also come in 4 rarities
  • Book of Books - This book allows you to fill all the remaining cards regardless of rarity.
  • Magic Coin - Fills up all the gold required to upgrade a card to the next level
  • Chest Key - Instantly finishes a ladder chest opening timer

Where can you find Magic Items?

  1. Chests - All Wild Cards
  2. Trophy Road - Common, Rare and Epic Wild Cards
  3. Challenges - All Wild Cards and Chest Keys
  4. Shop Offers - All Magic Items except Book of Books
  5. Pass Royale Free - All Wild Cards, 1 Book of Cards Rarity and Chest Key(s)
  6. Pass Royale Paid - Legendary Wild Card, Book of Books, Magic Coin and Chest Key(s)
  7. Free Gift at Launch - Book of Books

Balance Changes -

Live on the 29th of March

Regular Chests - All cards you get in chests have a chance to become Wild Cards of that same rarity! So if a chest gives you a legendary, there's a 25% it will be a Legendary Wild Card instead!

Inventory Limits - There is a limit of how much you can store for each Magic Item. Inventory Limit depends on King Tower Level

Clan Wars 2:

  • You can now nudge players
  • Decks remaining today is now visible on the UI
  • Fame rewards simplified
  • War deck cooldowns are now synchronised with individual clan's war week start

Bug Fixes:

  • Deck copying bug is fixed!
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter battles with duplicate cards
  • Fixed an issue that prevent players from attacking boat defenses
  • Fixed battle log entries for Mega Decks
  • Fixed issues related to overtime effects between battles in Duels


  • Pass Royale is now only available for players with at least King Tower 4.
  • UI Changes, including Battle Deck UI changes and an additional panel for magic items.

Info obtained from royaleapi.com. For more in-depth information, including magic items % drop rate and inventory limits can be found at - https://royaleapi.com/blog/2021-q1-magic

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