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I got this information from developer client user

This changes will be announce soon as official

1.Mother Witch

-Damge +14%

-Attack speed 8% faster (buff)

-First attack speed -0.1

2. Bomber

-Elixir is 2

-Health -31%

-Damage -32%

3. Knight

-Health -5%

4. Elite Barbarian

-First attack speed -0.1

-Attack speed -0.1

5. Hunter

-First attack speed 0.7s -> 1.1s

6. Zappies

-First attack speed 0.9s -> 1.1s

7. 3M

-Deploy time 2s -> 1s

8. Witch

-Attack range 5 -> 5.5

9. Cannon cart

-Movement speed : Fast -> Normal

10. Healing spirit

-Damge +225%

-Healing Radius -28%

11. Ballon

-Death damage -27%

12. Bomb tower

-Death damge - 50%

13. Giant Skeleton

-Death damage -54%

-Damage +28%

You guys already know about magic items so it's skipped

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