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redditHad an idea that could freshen up the game - Dark elixir and the dark side of cards.

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I was thinking... it's cool that they are adding magic items that are inspired by CoC but would love it if they could do something new for gameplay that was truly game changing.

And then I got this idea. Clash of Clans has dark elixir, Clash Royale doesn't, right? CoC also has a troop transformation mechanism called "super troops," not to mention the special builder base troops. One of the biggest problems in Clash Royale is that games can sometimes feel like a game of matchup-rock-paper-scissors more than a game of skill. But fixing that seems so complicated that it may be out of reach without adding another dimension to the game. In fact, adding more cards (e-giant or royal recruits for example) could even be exacerbating the problem.

Enter this idea for the addition of "the dark version" of cards and dark elixir. It's a little like the sideboarding system in competitive Magic The Gathering if you're familiar with that. The general idea is you start with one deck, but can make limited alterations to it in an effort to turn the tide on a bad matchup. Meanwhile the other player will be trying to do the same thing. Here's how I envision it working in Clash Royale:

-Dark elixir is a new, separate elixir bar that builds much more slowly than regular elixir and is spent to flip your "standard card" over to the "dark" version during a match. When you start a match, your cards are all the standard version - they can't be flipped to dark until you've got sufficient dark elixir. Unlike CoC, you'll be playing your dark cards using your ordinary elixir bar (so dark elixir is for flipping cards only).

-Dark cards are an existing card that's been flipped over, becoming an altered version with different strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few totally hypothetical examples: Lumberjack becomes a 6 elixir guy that likes to share his bucket of rage - he has a 3-tile-radius rage aura when alive that becomes 6-tile-radius when he dies. Inferno dragon is now a 2-headed hydra that can't double-target one unit, with DPS that can only ramp up a limited amount. X-bow is built out of thicker timbers and has a little more hp for a little more elixir. Fireball still has a flight time, but it's an electric ball that stuns when it lands instead of knocking back - it's also a bit larger and lower damage. Mirror would not have a dark side, but would make it possible to play a card, flip it, and mirror to put out both versions of the card in succession.

-Your opponent can see how much dark elixir you have, so they know you have flipped a card when they see it drop. But, they won't necessarily get to know which card it is until you play it. There can be different dark elixir costs for flipping different cards - some would be so expensive to flip, it would be rare or even impossible to flip them more than once in a game, and it would thus be clear to experienced opponents what card it was based on the dark elixir cost. Others could be cheaper flips that would add the potential to keep your opponents guessing.

Obviously anything that adds such a big wrinkle to the game would be difficult to introduce and balance all at once. Maybe this would start as a party game mode, then become its own classic challenge, then become the de facto game mode if all goes well.

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