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First of all, I am not a "remove mega knight, too op" person. I do know how to counter him, and I don't think he needs a lot of changes. Put simply, the current meta prevents experimentation in ladder and basically forces you to make a deck that either contains or counters mega knight. According to Stats Royale, mega knight has a 15% use rate in ladder and almost 25% in tournaments, which is just way, way too high for a game with dozens upon dozens of cards in it. Metas will always develop, but The mega knight has reigned for a little too long. I propose a simple change- reduce the spawn damage and health of the mega knight slightly, only about 20% for the stomp and 10% for his health. Essentially, the mega knight overly rewards defensive use and punishes offensive use, as many fights come down to who gets impatient first and gets their push stomped on. This simple change will allow other tanks to take a turn in the spotlight, and paired with a considerable buff to goblin/electro giants would help to get the meta changing.

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