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May Balance Wishlist

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Balance Wishlist for May

Many weak underperforming cards have been completely ignored by supercell. In my opinion, every card deserves to be at least usable and somewhat viable in skillful levels of play, and these changes will hopefully give these weak cards their time to shine.


Wizard has been an underperforming card for a while, never seeing any kind of notable use in gcs and top ladder. This rework aims to fix it being such a defensive oppressive powerhouse in mid ladder and more viable higher up.

-Reduce splash radius- Wizard is oppressive in mid ladder due to its massive splash area, its ability to punish bad placement and troop grouping make it frustrating in lower ladder, but in high ladder where players don't make such misplays, its splash area is not an issue.

-Damage 234-185-This makes it unable to one shot minions

-Elixir cost 5-4-This change makes it comparable to musketeer, having lower damage per second but a splash area, allowing it to replace musky in certain decks and compete with cards like ewiz and ice wizard.


Bowler is a niche card that is somewhat usable in graveyard decks, but still boasts very low use/win rates. Bowler being a very popular card is not good for gameplay, as it can shut down almost every non heavy unit. This buff improves its stats and makes it a more robust defensive option without making it oppressive.

-Projectile speed increase

-Projectile range increase to 7


Supercell has attempted many times to balance witch, and it went from the strongest card in game in october, to being again one of the worst performing cards in the game. Buffing witch to make it able to stop fast charging units and be played creatively will make it a more versatile card and increase its viability.

-Initial spawn speed reduced-This makes its first skeletons come out just a bit faster

-Death spawn added(3 skeletons)


Ebarbs are again one of the worst performing cards in the game, rocking terrible use and win rates in top ladder and gcs. They see almost no use in skillful play but are still plentiful in mid ladder as rush units. By decreasing their speed and making them lower in elixir, they can compete with mini pekka.

-Speed:Very fast-Fast

-Elixir cost:6-5

Feel free to discuss your own ideas for balancing in the comments

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