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redditThe economy of chests is broken and needs to be redone.

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Sometimes I don't even unlock chests, I just forget to because I care so little and they are so irrelevant. I'm a long time player, and often a pass holder, I love the game. It's sad to see the chests that used to be interesting to unlock become so irrelevant.

The problem is that they have roughly tripled the number of cards in the game and added legendaries etc and never seriously re examined the economy of chests. As it is, if you had silver chests being unlocked literally every single second of every day for 30 days (roughly 1 season) you will get a whopping 4560 cards, most of them, about 4000, being common cards. Even if every single common card went to 1 stack you wouldn't even be able to max out 1 card.

I know that this isn't a perfect example because you will get a gold chest or so a day and the rare giant or magical chest etc will come along as well, but they are uncommon enough to make it very hard to calculate their value over a month as well as to have a relatively small impact. Even then, an epic chest is 20 epics, and that doesn't even put a dent in upgrading an epic card.

The value of all chests need to be doubled at a minimum, maybe even tripled, to keep up with the new economy of the game from all of the added cards. As it is now, leveling up 1-2 decks is literally a year or longer event.

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