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redditI have an idea for a singleplayer mission.

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Everybody talks about cw2 and whatnot but what we need is a pve or some type of singleplayer campaign. My idea would be worlds or islands. There would be a seperate tab either on the home screen or at the bars at the bottom that would bring you to the "worlds". Since these are different worlds than the regular clash world things work a bit differently.

First off, you do not have your own card collection, instead there is a second card collection, the same 102 cards we have now but all locked. You would go through a tutorial that would give you a chest which gives you 3 unique cards, (preset for everyone). These could be, knight, musket, and fireball. With these 3 cards you could then go on to do the first missions which would be some type of planet or island.

When battling this isnt a normal battle as this is pve, instead of king towers there is a super sized version of a troop preset for the level, however these troops would have special abilities, for example, if its a giant ice wizard he would have the ability to freeze your troops and slow down, he could also do more damage and have way more hp, in order to take him down you send in your troops with the cards you have unlocked.

Now you're probably thinking, okay? Now whats the catch?

Elixir. In these different worlds elixir works differently and its generated very slowly, there would be a cap of 50 elixir at a single time and each day you can get up to 25 elixir at a certain rate, (runs while the game is closed). While you collect elixir you can do battles in the main game to try and get some coins, since there are magic items coming this ties in very well.

These coins would be the currency in this single player mode, you could upgrade cards and buy elixir from the shop with coins, these could also be converted into gold for your main card collection.

These missions could come in sets, galaxies if you will, 10 planets in a galaxy and once you reach the core you destroy the galaxy and move on, youd collect emotes, badges, maybe tower skins, and tons of magic items and other rewards for competing these missions.

let me know what you think of this idea because personally if something like this was added it would bring me back to the game and actually want to play.

Btw sorry if this is explained horribly i suck at explaining and im on 5 hours of sleep

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