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redditWhy can't or won't Tencent deal with elixir hacking?

Soul Crusher

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The issue isn't getting any better. We lost large chunk of the player base after CW2 flopped, and then a second chunk when Tencents idea of a fix CW2 was to add more shitty game modes to a flawed war mode.

Now we're losing even more players at an alarming rate because Tencent is refusing to address and fix hacking. So what gives? Why don't they do anything about it?

I have 2 hypothesis:

1) They simply don't know how to. This is the simplest answer and by Occam's razor, probably the right one. And before you tell me that every company knows how to fix these sorts of things, remember, this is the company that told us to our face that hacking couldn't exist in an online game AS IT WAS HAPPENING.

2) They would lose too much money. Similar to Blizzards problem with botting, if 25% of the player base is botting, and you ban them all, you've now cut 25% of your income. We invited a guy in to our clan with 4 of his recently boosted alt accounts 2 weeks ago. He elixir hacks on all his accounts for our war/ladder effort. Do the math, that's a lot of money, and he's boosting more now. If they started banning hacking accounts, folks most likely wouldn't boost multiple accounts anymore.

If everyone's doing it, you're honestly pretty safe from repercussion. They can't ban everyone without gutting the company.

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