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redditThis is to drew in regards to mother witch

Soul Crusher

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Drew since you’re the community manager I am writing this to you.

Mother witch has been unacceptable for months. Not only is the card considered weak/under powered and generally useless, but stats actually back this claim up.

We as a community deserve to have answers about what’s being done about it. I have spent both time and money to max a card which can not be used effectively in the game and I want to know what your company intends to do to give it value.

It’s no longer acceptable how we as a community are being treated, being left in the dark wondering and praying things will change. As a company you are bound by Apple and Google for in app purchase rules, and both have clauses about getting what you pay for. If you can’t or won’t answer for the community which is in fact your job you’re hired to do then answer for the sake of Apple and Google. I’ll be honest I’m getting very close to contacting them for a refund because your company is not giving out the quality of something which was paid for.

We want a full blown ama, not a 1 word reply, we want to know our time and money invested and potentially the future invested is actually going to give us things we want. Or a much greater level of transparency as to what’s coming.


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