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redditCame back after 2 and a half years to see if the game is better, was dissapointed

Soul Crusher

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Left beacause the enemies main win condition was having overleveled cards.

Came back since i heard matchmaking got changed.

Played some games and got to 5000, now im a lvl 10 with cards at lvl 10 for common and rares and 9/10 for epic and legens, and im facing people lvl 11 with cards at 12-13 CONSTANTLY, literally 90% of the times i lose is to trash players that are way too overleveled for the trophies they have, like how are you so garbage that your cards are lvl 12-13 and you are still 4900-5000 trophies holy shit.

Also tries the clan wars thing since its new for me, since its supposed to be a skil bases war i guessed that battle would be on equal terms, but of course not, of course im facing ppl with 2-3 more card lvl than me, so clan wars are just a joke i see, the clan with the most overleveled clowns win i guess.

Played for 2 days, gonna uninstall this garbage game again, maybe someday the trash devs will actually fix matchmaking.

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