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I believe Supercell should consider adding conditional elixir when deck building. For example, let's say there is a card that is not OP but everyone hates playing against it with lumberjack and freeze. So they make balloon 7 elixir when combined with one of those and 8 elixir when combined with both.

Maybe they decide wizard is kinda useless unless combined with a tank, so they make it 4 elixir unless you use it with pekka, MK, golem or giant, then it's 6 elixir. If you use both wizard and electro wizard each costs 8 elixir because that is boring.

Maybe they decide that spawning is a brain dead strategy and want to curtail it by the following relationship: 1 building in deck - no penalty 2 buildings +1 penalty applied to cheapest card 3 buildings +2 penalty to cheapest card, +1 to second cheapest card And so on.

Maybe tornado is 4 elixir when combined with a building.

These are silly examples to demonstrate a concept. Sometimes a card really sucks unless combined with another specific card and then it's OP or just not fun. That is a time you could use conditional elixir to penalize certain card combos while leaving the card alone otherwise.

The point is balance changes are hard and there are certain game styles you might want to avoid allowing in the meta if you're the game designer. This certainly makes the game more complex and they might want to test the concept in higher level competition before implementing. I can certainly see where this would be difficult for very young and very casual players. But I think this concept could help SC fix some cards and allow for more strategy in deck building.

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