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redditWhat's wrong with 2x2 matchmaking?

Soul Crusher

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I play a fair amount of 2x2 when not on the ladder. However, the matchmaking is becoming very unfair. I am currently at 5225, level 13 with max cards. My partner will be very close to my score. However, here are the combined average trophy levels of my opponents for 5 of my last 10 matches - 6030, 6308, 6016, 6076, and 5913. For only a couple of matches will I face a similarly ranked opponent. And, the matches are created fast so they are not searching for an opponent. I don't think I ever get a match where my trophy level is higher than the opponents. In contrast, when I play CW2, I usually have the 1st or 2nd highest clan score at the end of the week. Why don't I get fair matches?

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