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redditI feel plagiarized but I wanna be proven wrong

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Guys, is it pretentious of me to think I invented or inspired deck, somebody please correct me if I'm wrong on this But the deck I've been using is

-Royal Recruits -Royal Hogs -Flying Machine -Zappies -Barb Barrel -Fire Spirits -Bomber Tower -Firecracker

I've been using this deck since end of last Novemberish. And it got me through a few challenges and tournaments in January/February ish. My aim when I use this deck? Make it appear like my wc is simply split lane shenanigans. If I'm pushing with the hogs, I 3 to 1 them with the FM behind the one. If I start a RR push from the back, I use the firecracker and FM as back up. FC gets good tower chip and FM locks onto the tower quite easily.

But then something odd happened to me this month. I came across about three people with a similar deck to me. And I thought, what the heck? It was the first time this happened to me since I made this deck myself through a lot of trial and error (really as a way to counter the mega knight).

The popular version is a bit different from this, with the last three cards not really being used. I was thinking that maybe I just coincidentally made a deck that already existed, I don't think any of these cards have been buffed in a long time, so I don't think a balance could have made the set up more popular.

Can anyone confirm if they've seen this sort of deck waaay before, like let's say summer 2020? I don't wanna feel like I've been robbed

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