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redditA question regarding Mega Knight

Soul Crusher

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What counters him? I know there's this whole argument (or at least there was) about people complaining about him being OP, and then others saying that only complete trash players can't handle him.

Now, I'll admit, I'm not a good Royale player by any stretch, although I'm currently in Legendary Arena 3. I'm not gonna start complaining about MK, instead I aim to get your opinions on good counter cards.

My deck always gets ruined by MK. The only few cards I have found can reliably counter him are Skeleton Giant and Inferno Dragon (but if your opponent has a E. Wiz, you're S.o.L with Infernos). He has area damage, so Skarmy is out of the question, he has good single target damage, so using squishier hard hitters doesn't work too great, and he has quite high health, meaning you can't just Fireball him to weaken him and let the Crown Towers handle him.

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