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redditSpells shouldn't deal Crown Tower Damage

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My reasoning behind this is that the damage is inevitable, there is no way to stop it.

But what is the problem with this? You may ask.

The problem is that it leads to defensive gameplay. It's fine that the game allows you to play that way, but now it has become a big issue because many players play passive (myself included) and there are just many matches in which we start playing until x2 elixir.

This happens because if you risk more than 3 elixir on the first play, let's say Hog Rider/Ram Rider/Royal Hogs at the bridge or a mini tank at the back (like Knight, Valkyrie, etc.) there are a lot of things that can happen, but I will list the most frustating ones that happen to me:

  1. The opponent uses Tornado to activate his King Tower with my Win Condition.
  2. I receive a rocket/fireball/earthquake on my princess Tower and my mini tank.
  3. The opponent ignores my attack and one these plays happen:
    1. Golem push on the other lane, and there is no human way to stop it because I am at a elixir disadvantage.
    2. Lumberjack + Balloon on the other lane, and if they have freeze it's usually game over (unlees you have rocket).
    3. Royal Giant push on the other lane.
    4. Xbow/Tesla on the other lane (skill).
    5. Graveyard push on the other lane.
  4. The opponent has Ice Wizard and Tornado on their deck.

Now, for some of you, it might be fine that this happens, but my counter argument is that you shoudn't be punished this hard by taking the initiative. If any of the things I listed happens to you and you can't outcycle your opponnet because he has a similar a skill as you, then by making the first play you are going to lose the match in many cases.

All of this has made the players realize that a defensive gameplay gives the better odds to win a match, so unless you are psycho that plays Golem or Lava first play, you will just wait until the opponent makes the first play or until x2 elixit starts.

Players wait until x2 elixir because it's harder to get outcycled by your opponent. This is a big flaw of the game, because you are supposed to play a game since the start, especially Clash Royale since it's all about fun matches. But in recent months it has become boring to play 1v1 because of the defensive gameplay. This even happens in the pro scene, where the pros waste 2 minutes of a match because it's way to risky to play in single elixir.

Now, how can we solve this? I don't have the perfect solution, but I encorauge you to discuss how to solve it.

My solution to this problem is:

  • Ice Wizard is the best defense troop, it slows down every push with no exception, and it's not easy to kill if it's placed at the back of the King Tower. It allows players to make mistakes on gameplay and just defend with Ice Wizard relatively well. If they combine Ice Wizard with Tornado it's even worse because it allows the players to make even greater mistakes and make up for it with a solid and strong defense that is Ice Wiz + Nado. Ice Wizard should die to Fireball, and his damage should be increased.
  • Tornado should be a skillful card. Right now, it is way to easy to make mistakes on gameplay and make up for it using Tornado. As mentioned in my previous point, combined with Ice Wizard it basically stops any push decently, and only with 6 elixir, so I think it's broken. But Tornado alone it's broken, it's way to easy to activate the King Tower with it. As mentioned before, I shouldn't be punished hard by taking the initiative, and playing my Win Condition at the bridge. It's fine if they stop it with a building or a troop (like MK, Mini Pekka, Ewiz, etc.), but it's way too much if they stop it, and then they proceed to activate the King Tower. I'm not opposed to the idea that Tornado, in certain situations, should be able to activate the King Tower with a troop, but it should be way harder than it is right now, Tornado's radius should be decreased.
  • And the most important, the game should reward players that are able to get their Win Condition on the opponents towers, you should only get damage with troops on the towers, Spells shoudn't deal Crown Tower Damage. Unless you hit a troop with the spell as well. It's way too frustating to get rocket'd, or Fire ball'd, or Earthquake'd, or Lightning'd during x3 elixir. This is possible, again, because of the overly defensive decks.
  • To balance my previous point a litttle, overly offesive decks like Golem/Lightning or Lavalloon, Golem and Lavahound shoudn't be on the starting hand. Sometimes you don't have the correct cycle to stop their push and you are doomed to lose if they do Golem or Lava first play. And even if they don't have it at their starting hand, you are doomed to lose anyway if they play it and you don't have the correct cycle during single elixir.
  • So this brings my last point. Elixir Generation speed should increase during the first 2 minutes of the match. I think 1.3x elixir shoud be okay to get better cycles at any time during the first 2 minutes, and it should encourage players, as dumb as it sounds, to play the game. Since it woudn't be too risky to take the initiative.

I know some of these changes would change the gameplay completely, but that's what I want. I would be glad to relearn how to play this game. After all, they decreased Crown Tower Damage to spells months ago, why not get rid of it completely? It's a broken concept that leads to boring and defensive gameplay.

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