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redditDoes anyone else put their decks in a particular order?

Soul Crusher

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I put my decks like 1. Win-Con 2. Secondary win-con/Highest elixir grond card 3. Next highest elixir ground card 4. Wild card 5. Highest elixir anti-air 6. Second Anti-air 7. 2nd spell/wild card(if it’s a 1 spell deck which is very rare) 8. 1st spell. For example in splashyard I have 1. Graveyard, 2. Valk, 3 Bomb tower, 4. Barb barrel, 5. Baby d, 6. Ice-wiz, 7. Nado, 8. Poison. Does anyone else do this or am I just weird. All my decks have to be in this order if not it pisses me off😂

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