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redditAn Open Letter to Drew and the Dev Team

Soul Crusher

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I’ll try to keep this fairly short and to the point. My hope with this letter is to clarify some community concerns and create yet another discussion about the current state of the game for Drew and the dev team.

Drew, your post yesterday clearly created a lot of concern. I don’t know if some of the community’s more intelligent and game knowledgeable members will be right about how this new matchmaking will be exploited, but I do know many of those members have been right about changes more often than not. I also know that we all hope the new matchmaking makes the player experience better for the sake of the game’s future. The community knows, though, that the dev team doesn’t have the greatest track record of carefully testing changes beforehand and that might be an underlying driving concern for most people. Only time will tell I guess.

On to your comment yesterday where you referenced the Clan Wars II teaser video and how that teaser video received a negative reaction from the community. That negative reaction came from two driving factors. First, it did not reveal many very key details that the community wanted to know (rightfully so) which later lead to a lot of anger about the update (card levels being the biggest issue for most players), and second, it was clear from the teaser video that this new war format was just not well made. I know that in my clan personally, we were already bummed about it before we had even tried it because the little we saw in the teaser video was enough to show that it wasn’t going to be very fun and did not feel worthy of the very long wait (and delay(s)). So, right out of the gate my clan, and probably many clans like mine, were already disappointed by the update. Then, when CWII was released, clans were barely into week three of the first War (Race) and already seeing its many flaws. I’m not going to get into all of them, as you should already be well aware of them, but they are many and they are crucial to the enjoyment of this game. None of us know the behind the scenes reasons for why you made CWII the way you did or how you can be satisfied with it like you’ve stated in an interview, but most of your customers are not satisfied with it at all. You guys no doubt spent many many hours creating CWII, but to be proud of that product just sounds like a lie - to us and yourselves.

Finally, I don’t know you Drew or dev team personally and never expect to meet any of you, but I believe most of the community wishes nothing but good health and happiness for each of you like wish it for ourselves, our families, and friends. And when the community so passionately posts/comments about the game and what is happening to it, we are doing so out of a love for a once amazing game that we’ve poured so many hours (and money) of our lives into and know can be so much better than it currently is.

Thank you for reading and commenting,

Goblin Guru


TL;DR: Nope. Now go work on your memes for Monday. ;)

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