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redditSince the Matchmaking Balance update it's slightly better.

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Seems like an unpopular opinion, but the Matchmaking is in fact slightly better now. Especially clan wars. I am owner of 6 accounts. 2x lvl 13 king, 3x lvl 12 king and 1x lvl 1 king. Didn't test the lvl 1 yet and wasn't playing 4 of the 6 account at all in the recent past. But I got curious and tested the inactive lvl 13 king one and other 2 king lvl 12's. In clan war I got matched up with lvl 12's ONLY with the equivalent king level accounts of mine. That's pretty nice. Then I played the inactive accounts, wich were at 4600 trophy's and a lot maxed cards. The lvl 13 king had even all cards maxed. I faced a few lvl 11 kings with the lvl 12 king acc's, but over all mostly lvl 12. AT A TROPHY RANGE OF 4600!! That's definitely a improvement. I had no bad feelings smashing lvl 9ers. This means the players under lvl 12 king will definitely enjoy the game more! And since they don't complain about the issues, the OG players address all the time, they have a better gaming experience now.

Excuse my English please, it's my third language and it's hard for me to find a structure with my thoughts.

Just want to say that if supercell keeps going this direction, while adjusting themselves to complaines from long-time players, everyone is gonna benefit. Even though this matchmaking fix is like a small reminder: "hey community, we are still there and the really big update is still to come yet."

I'm not the only one who interprets the new 3-month update policy as their last chance to get back at the top. If they don't use that much time to absorb community wishes, implement them into development, play test and finally bring them to a BIG update (as they advertised), even i will leave this game (who plays since the beginning of the game). And I'm not even looking for any other mobile game. There simply is nothing comparable to Clash Royale and I would just play more piano music instead of searching for an CR equivalent or any other game. I lost my point I guess. Sorry and thanks for reading that far. Stay optimistic.

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