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reddit[Uber Effort] Why there should be exactly ZERO people against the matchmaking change

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No tl;dr. Your opinion will only harden if you read a summary. I formatted this post for mobile phones to make it as easy to read as possible. The details in this post are nuanced, and it is critical that you read the entire post. Your opinion will not change unless you read the entire post!!!

This isn’t too controversial of an issue, but for the small percentage that believe that the game will be worse off because of these matchmaking changes, here are some counter arguments that I think should at least be taken to a somewhat serious degree. Here are my reasons why there should be ZERO people that disagree with this change

  1. Bad on paper, good in practice

You ever see those analogies where something will seem like a highly negative or highly positive change when written out, but after a period time that event does not end up meeting expectations? The easiest example is Mega Knight. It oneshots most troops that cross the bridge, it has a jump that deals the same damage as fireball, it has medium move speed and nearly the same health as a golem. Surely every top 10k player would use this card, if it wasn’t completely useless on offense and didn’t cost 7 elixir.

Clan Wars II chests give huge rewards, if only you didn’t lose to a Chinese clan or have your clan of level 10s get destroyed by level 13s.

Look at this new change. Matchmaking is finally based on king levels, but now that means people will just not donate and get a full level 13 deck at level 10 right? Let’s look at some statistics. There are over 5 million active players daily, and before clan wars II, millions more. Assuming this matchmaking change will make the game popular again, let’s compare. There are less than 12,000 people that scroll through this SubReddit daily. In a worst case scenario, there may be approximately 1-1.5 million players that keep themselves actively informed and watch every new strategy video on YouTube. The rest of the players go off and do their own thing. So in the WORST POSSIBLE CASE, there will be 1.5 million level 10 players with fully maxed decks out of the 5+ million active daily players. In ladder, as a level 10, 1/5 matches will be against these types of players. I don’t know about you guys, but on my level 11 account I could confidently say that 3/4 matches in 5k were against fully maxed mega knight gold wizard rage bridgespam players that won only because their cards kill my musketeer in two hits or my log doesn’t kill their princess or their max gold fireball obliterates my knight or xbow, etc. Based off of this point alone, I would EASILY prefer having a loss in 1/5 of my matches instead of 3/4 of my matches.

  1. The effort required to level up cards and progress the account will discourage players from making alternate accounts

About 6 months ago I started a 100% free to play account. This is not a joke, I pushed from 0 to 4k in just 3 days with only the cards I got from chests, using a deck that can be completed in arena 1 (search for CWA’s arena 1 deck pro video). I was a level 8 and actively donated and leveled one deck. As soon as I started battling in 4k, however, I faced level 9s and 10s with their wizard and giant being 2 levels higher than my highest card, and keep in mind I only leveled 1 deck. For reference, I was facing level 11 cards with my level 8 and 9 cards. However for the sake of argument, let’s say money is no object and I spend $200 to get my arena 1 deck to all level 11 cards. I’m now level 10 and I theoretically push to challenger III in a week. Great! If the matchmaking change happened back then, I would be there in 3 days. Let’s continue this trend but with the matchmaking change again. All the players I face are 10 and 11 with level 10 cards. I continue to destroy them and push to masters, which is normally impossible for a level 10 until late in the season. The matchmaking change gave my account a huge trophy boost, but what did it cost? 1 week of playing for multiple hours a day, and a little over $200 to bypass the random chest card gains and level my arena 1 deck. Where would you be if you didn’t have an easy $200 to drop on gems? It would take a little over a month just to get the 8 cards you need to level up to only 11. We haven’t even gotten into the amount of time it would take to get 8 cards from 12 to 13 without paying a cent.

What can we draw from this example? You are ditching your main account just to bully lower level people, you are sinking potentially months of time into this account to level up a single deck, and you would likely have to pay huge sums of money in order to level up just one deck. You may even begin understand why so many people are complaining about the one deck problem. The point is, there are very few reasons why you would want to start a brand new account, and even if you push through every possible obstacle, the only benefit is getting to bully lower level players temporarily.

Why only temporarily? Let me introduce you to this third point

  1. You will eventually hit another wall no matter how high your card levels are, even at king level 9, 10, 11

Much like how max gold level 13s can fly close to the sun and get trapped in mid-ladder after getting obliterated by 6.3k players, the exact same thing will happen to the creative redditors over here. Let’s say you are a level 10 with max mega knight wizard, etc. You annihilate the level 10s at 5k, and you continue pushing. You continue to gain trophies until, what’s this? A level 10 with max logbait. Instant loss. You press battle again, another level 10 but this time with max golem night witch. Another loss. Followed by a loss, a loss, maybe a win, a loss, a win, loss, win, loss, and before you even notice, your win rate will be exactly at 50%. Even worse, you could have suffered the exact same fate on your main account.

A final statistics game

Let us analyze the new matchmaking change under the WORST POSSIBLE CASE.

We have 2 million well informed players that want to start their new account to bully other low level players. There are 6 million active daily players currently, with more to come if the devs ever decide to update the game.

These new accounts have a main account ranging from 5k all the way to 8k. Literal pros will do this too.

The 2 million refuse to donate and make their way to electro valley. At this point, a small portion of this 2 million will have gotten unlucky with the distribution of cards from chests. This will affect about 100k players. 70,000 of these players quit the race, and the remaining 30,000 will get bored from spending weeks to level up their cards.

1.9 million players advance to 4k. This is where the enormous drop off starts.

The other 4 million players are on their high level main accounts and drifting through ladder. Every single one of the 1.9 million will face a higher level player. It makes sense because the people on their main accounts had more time to collect cards. This process will repeat all the way until 5k, the start of midladder. By this time, roughly a quarter of the players would become frustrated and quit, leaving us with 1.4 million players. These players will continue to suffer through this phase, but eventually, whether it be spending money on the game or enduring the many months it takes to level up their deck, the players will have advanced to level an account that can bully other lower levels. However, it doesn’t stop there. The players will continue to push until they arrive at a point where they are left to battle the other 1.4 million players. These players will continue to battle until they get frustrated that they can’t push any higher. If we have learned anything about ladder, losing just two battles can cause immense frustration. Roughly 400,000 more players will quit back to their main over the next few months.

When the dust has settled, we have roughly 1 million players who are exploiting the matchmaking system out of the SIX MILLION active players.

Remember, this was the WORST POSSIBLE CASE SCENARIO. Remember, less than 12,000 people that actively, not occasionally, but actively scroll through our subreddit for information. Outside of this place, there may only be a couple hundred thousand that keep themselves well informed.


I think the people who are against this matchmaking change are over exaggerating the consequences without realizing just how small of a difference those consequences will make. Before this change, your level 11 account will be paired with a higher leveled player 75% of the time. These matches are a pathetic waste of time for both players, and the one on the receiving end will become especially frustrated. With this change, we will only see unfair matchups, in worst case, 1/6 of the time. I don’t know about you guys, but that seems like a significant improvement to the quality of matches. I don’t mean to be blunt, but there should literally be zero people against this change. If you read the three points thoroughly, you would easily understand why the change isn’t as bad as you think it is. PLEASE share this post with anyone who is having any doubts against the matchmaking change. The CR team has made an excellent stride in improving the core game mode, and if more changes like this are continued, the game will be even greater than it was in 2016. That is a guarantee.

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