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With the introduction of the new ladder matchmaking system, players can now only face opponents a maximum of 3 levels above/below their own. While beneficial to 99% of the community, I would like to point out a major flaw in this new design.

As level 1’s are the first level in clash royale, there are no players below the level 1 starting point. And because the new matchmaking system allows for a +3 differential rate, the highest level a level 1 could face is level 4. Levels 1-4 do not have enough xp available to make card levels a factor while battling. (Which is why every player on the leaderboards from levels 1-6 use mostly legendary decks)

And regardless of that, level 1 pushing is significantly more popular than levels 2,3,4 combined. So for all intents and purposes, level 1’s are only matchmaking with other level 1’s.

Why is this a problem? The level 1’s have their own separate version of ladder now, exclusive to themselves. It’s like top ladder fundamentally, now. The best level 1’s rise above the rest, and can keep pushing themselves higher and higher. And because you know who you’ll face, you can also snipe your opponents. (Yes level 1 sniping is a real thing now)

The big flaw in this Change is that there are now no high card level players to keep the level 1’s from passing a certain point. (Which prior was 5,300 ish) The level 1’s in theory, can literally reach top 10,000+. Already this exploit has been found, and the level 1 trophy record has exploded, having shot up +200 trophies. Gameover’s record of 5369 was shattered in less than 24 hours, and before this matchmaking change was added level 1’s were hovering at 5,000. Meaning that level 1’s have already gained 500 trophies in a day.

Seeing as I personally hold the record for the highest level 7 at 5,500, I tried pushing my spare level 7 to see what success I would have after this change. I’ve been walled at 5,300 due to level 10’s with max cards. These are the same players that would normally prevent the level 1’s from going any higher, but they don’t exist now. The result is that now the level 1’s are a single game away from passing my record as a level 7 (5,519).

This new change is strange, in that it actually favors you to be the lowest level possible. Which is counter productive as this is supposed to be a levels based game.

TLDR: The level 1’s have their own version of ladder exclusive to level 1 players and they can push themselves as high as they want as they do not get stomped by high level card users like before. Level 1’s in theory, will eventually reach top 10,000

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