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redditGiant needs a slight buff

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Literally everything counters giant in this meta. Ngl, it's impossible to win with it! With all the fisherman, hunter, pekka, and basically every building makes it a tough mu. If you don't agree with me, instead of just downvoting, please tell me why in the comments. Giant is just horrible in this meta and it's like the only tank I have upgraded...
So here's what I propose: A health buff. From what I've seen, giant rarely makes it to the tower, and when it does, it's usually because the opponent has a fisherman and wants it to. I also find it dies extremely quickly to something like hunter or mini pekka, making it's usefulness in decks like giant gy and double prince very limited. (e.g. against giant gy giant survives only to tank for half the gy vs a hunter, in giant double prince opponent simply places tank killer+something to distract you units behind).

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