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Hey guys, I’m sure this isn’t a new idea, but I’m sure people would love to have it introduced to the game. I’ve talked to some of my clan mates and a few of my friends who play outside of my clan, and we all think it would be fun if we had a more competitive 2v2 experience.

I think it could be fun if there was a way to climb a ladder with a friend while earning different rewards and having (possibly) a different leaderboard to compete on.

Last night I got on the help and support feature of clash and I talked with two great employees who pushed me to post the idea here into this forum so that others who are interested in the idea are able to express how they feel and also give more ideas to the creators. If there is a large quantity of people who also think 2v2 ladder would be a good change to clash, I encourage you to interact on this post, or even make a new post here so that the creators hear us and we can get it added into the game!!

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