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redditThe new Matchmaking system is a step in the right direction {EFFORT POST}

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Apologies if my grammar is bad, this is one of my first major posts. Also sorry if the formatting is a little off, I made this on my computer.

As the title implies, I personally believe that the new matchmaking system will definitely help make the game more stable. I started to play Clash about a year ago, and since then I'm king level 11 with a couple of level 11 cards and only two level 12 cards. I, along with a vast amount of players like me, have been stuck in the purgatory known as Challenger 3-Master 1 due to the amount of over-leveled or maxed-out players that reside there. Due to this, most players are stuck in an endless cycle of pushing up and then hitting a "wall" that they can't break through due to their low-level king tower or their card levels.

The newly implemented matchmaking fixes this. Thanks to this update, people will finally be able to push up a little higher without the trouble of having to face as many maxed-out mega-knights or e-barbs. For example, since this update, I've been able to not only push higher this season but to achieve a new personal best. Again, this degree of "success" varies from person to person, and my experience may not be as good of an example. Regardless, my point still comes across. However, there are some arguments that I would like to address:

  • "Players can now just have a low-level account with maxed-out cards."

This statement is definitely true and can pose a very big problem in the foreseeable future. However, this is a good time to point out that this strat has not been a new thing in the game, and this new system will in no shape start a decline of these players. You must consider the time it will take to make a maxed-out deck inside this game. It must be considered how long it will take to max out a card, and the donations/chests needed to upgrade said card. This doesn't excuse the problem that will definitely unfold, but it's just something to consider.

  • "Level 1 accounts will now be dead"

I'm gonna go over this briefly. I don't have a right to put a say in this since I don't have a King Level 1 account. What I do have is a Reddit post made by u/dmonster1 where he says that the meta will definitely change. Here's is a link to that discussion and feel free to put your two cents in there about level 1 accounts.


  • No new content for the past 3 months

I agree with this 100%. The fact that we were promised a major update with a bunch of fixes (balance changes, CW2, bugs, etc.) only to be given one small update is unacceptable. To maxed players, this update was nothing but a big "f*ck you" to them and now these players have to play in another stale meta. However, I would like to think of this change like this: this change was better than nothing. While small, this update provides one less major issue to deal with in the game, which will allow bigger updates to be made in the future. However, with Supercell's track record of "big updates", it would not be surprising if these updates were good.

  • My overall thoughts.

I want to end this with a piece of my mind. For about 3-4 years now the community has asked Supercell to fix the matchmaking that has made the game unenjoyable for a majority of players, and now the community is mad about this fix? I find it a bit hypocritical that the subreddit asks for something for so long, yet when they receive it they can do nothing but complain about it. I do understand that for some people, this update should have been implemented YEARS ago, so it makes sense.

TLDR: This update isn't what the community wanted, but it was definitely something the game needed.

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