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redditHow to beat an OP MEGA KNIGHT?

Soul Crusher

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Can someone help me figure out how to beat an OP MEGA KNIGHT? I want to say I'm a pretty decent OG player, but the reason i quit for a long while is due to MEGA Knight. Now I'm reconsidering to quit the game since literally any and all games i lose involve a mega knight, and i cant find a way to beat him for the life of me. Especially with today's new Ram Rage challenge, when a Ram Rider is paired with a mega knight, or often times in 2v2 battle, both drop mega knight then a mirror or a split, they are unbeatable. Its literally a trump card to win the game. So I'm reaching out here to understand some strategies people have to beat this op card. Last time i Didn't form this into a question, and my thing was deleted, well now I'm asking for a solution and attempting a discussion.

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