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reddit2v2 matchmaking is rigged in my favour

Soul Crusher

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I have played 15 games of random matchmaking 2v2 in a row. What I discovered was that my teammate always had a much better profile than the opponents.

I was matched with 6600PB-8000PB teammates 90% of the time while the two opponents were always 6k or below. Most of my teammates had a global rank.

Another interesting thing was that 14/15 of my teammates had a classic challenge badge while only 2/15 opponents had it.

The best teammates I got are top rank 183 and rank 16. While the best opponents only had 6.5k.

Many of my teammates had GC and 17/18/19/20 win badges while the opponent team had none.

What is happening? Any clue on why? Check my games my tag is 20Q2GVUG2...

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