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redditMATCHMAKING is now balanced but be aware of your card levels

Soul Crusher

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Today saw the implementation of a new balanced fair matchmaking in my opinion it is better but still has its issues and players should expect differences in progression.

I recently turned king tower level 13 after the "CW2" update with no max level cards, in the old matching system I was paired with majority of level 12s with average card levels around my average card levels.

Today I have only 3 max level cards Archer Skelton barrel and mortar.

From playing clash royale for an hour today, I noticed slight inconsistency.

I was still getting matched with mostly king tower level 12s but noticed wider trophies differences of around 75 trophies either way and when I was matched with a few level 13s I lost due to them having max level cards.

I know the clash royal dev team know about the card level issues and they are working on an update regards to progression in Q1.

But for now I wouldn't recommend rushing king towers and try to aim to get 1 deck maxed out.

I know the one deck issue has been raised up again and if this needs addressing I would recommend that the clash royale dev team would add another variable into the matching making system where you you have the existing new matching system, but with a new variable of matching players with average card levels.

However this may cause longer match making times. But it's just a suggestion.

The new match making system is fair but it it has its inconsistencies and players should focus on the card levels if they want to see positive progression.

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